Glues and Spray Systems

Magica Shoe Materials distributes in China water base glues produced in Italy since 2010. 

Magica SM is Intercom Official Distributor for the Chinese market. We have available warehouses with stock of adhesives and spare parts. It provides assistance and technical support for the installation and the correct functioning of machineries and Intercom spraying guns as well as support for Intercom water base adhesives.

"Intercom's success is due to the fact that its sophisticated spraying systems are manufactured for the exclusive use with its Ecostick adhesives."

The use of water base glues applied by our spray systems allows a perfect bond on almost any surface and material, leaving the leather with a natural feel.

Clean, user friendly and fast, this way of work has long been used around the world because of the time and money saving advantages, not to mention the obvious environmental friendly properties of this products.